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Families and children at Cervia hotel

We promised you that upon you arrival in Cervia t out 3-star hotel, you’ll find whatever you need for your family … want to know why? Firstly, because a happy kid makes his or her parents’ happy as they can enjoy a 100% stress-free holiday. This is our main goal.
And secondly because we love cuddling our baby guests as we do with our entertainment activities daily arranged at the hotel by our fantastic entertainers, the inseparable guardian angels of your sons! Family services don’t end here: in the room, like at the hotel and restaurant you’ll find plenty of customized comforts we added for you. 
We also took care of families leaving for the first time in 3: with thousand thoughts buzzing around their head, does the must-do list seem endless? Don’t worry, take a deep breath and fill your suitcase only with good vibes and desire for wellness: our hotel has everything you need

Hotel services:

  • spacious garden where your children can freely and blithely run
  • playground with slides and swings in the pinewood to play with mum and dad
  • game room with TV to watch movies and cartoons when the weather gets dark
  • direct access to the sea to head to the beach without crossing dangerous roads
  • hotel entertainment, since your kids’ laughter and parents’ tranquility are our greatest joy

In-room services:

  • cradle and baby and junior cots, since we provide every kid with the bed he/she deserves
  • safety bed rails, for kids earning how to sleep in a “grown-ups” bed
  • baby bathtubs, since it is always good to get refreshed after a long day at sea
  • wc and potties, thought for those who are giving up their diapers
  • changing mats, as changing your son on a bed can really hurt your back!
  • Bottle warmer, as hot milk is the nicest late-day cuddle
  • Fridge to guard medicines, as you might always need it when travelling

Dining services:

  • High chairs, to let babies eat with ease
  • bibs and baby and junior cutlery, for ‘coloured’ child-sized meals
  • baby menus with customized baby food, just like that mothers prepare at home
  • meat, fish and fruit baby food, as your suitcase must be light
  • baby-bottle sterilization for a full hygiene at all times

Extra services:

  • laundry and ironing service, because children always love getting dirty
  • baby-sitter, to give tired parents some added hours of intimacy
  • yogurt, fruit and ice-creams every afternoon, for a healthy snack to be enjoyed together
  • on-demand paediatrician, as we stay at your side even when small emergencies arise
  • customized menus, as every child is special and has his/her own requirements
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